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Welcome to Wellness Pet Care

All pets can benefit from a wellness diet! Be proactive and help your pet for life!

Many pet owners spend more money on their pet's health than they do their own, due to multiple visits to the vet and/or expensive pet medications. Animals are not tied to food emotionally like humans. You can easily change the diet, and I will help take the guesswork out of the process for you. You do not have to spend a lot more money on expensive food and supplements. I can help you make the transition easily, and you will see immediate results.

Any pet can benefit from great pet nutrition. Wellness Pet Care provides evaluations and nutrition recommendations for dogs and cats. I specialize in helping pets with chronic health issues. Many health issues can be tied to diet. Most pets love their new food more than their previous diet, because I help you find the healthiest and tastiest food for your pet. Even if you just want the best nutrition for optimal health for your pet, I can take out the guesswork for you.

Wellness defined: the quality or state of being in good health, especially as an actively sought goal; free from disease

The right change in diet can help with:

better disposition ~ better overall health ~ fewer visits to the vet ~ continued chronic problems ~ shedding/hair loss ~ urine/feces smell ~ pink eye/conjunctivitis ~ kidney problems ~ arthritis ~ allergies ~ skin problems ~ itching ~ cranky/irritating behavior ~ diabetic symptoms/diabetes ~ needed weight gain ~ needed weight loss ~ chronic flea problems ~ ear infections ~ better immune function ~ better digestion ~ normalize stool ~ vomiting ~ upset stomach ~ diarrhea ~ sneezing ~ hairball control

This information is based on health and nutrition research and does not claim to be associated with veterinary medicine or anything medical.